What is Turnkey Laboratory and is it Right for you?Laboratory planning and construction is a tedious process. It involves effective planning and design, purchase, and installation. All this takes up a lot of time. However, this can be eliminated by the technology of turnkey solutions. Turnkey services is a delivery method in which a single contractor works with project managers under a contract system to complete all stages of a project from detailed engineering through construction.

Many companies are turning to Turnkey cleanroom solutions for aseptic and sterile suites, with great engineering involved and continued compliance all within a reduced project schedule.  

Here we will discuss the benefits of turnkey technology as compared to custom builds and see if turnkey solutions are the right choice for your laboratory.

One Contact Communication

For setting up a lab you need to connect with various sources in each phase of development. In the process, you are taking help from different organizers to complete the project. However, the turnkey solution removes this hassle for you. Here you need to give the contract to a single company. This company then takes over the entire task from designing, to planning, to constructing and installing. So your task is simplified and you can save your valuable time and utilize it for other purposes.

Early Project Cost Identification

Turnkey projects give the owner an early estimate of the construction’s total budget so the owner is aware of the costs involved in the procedure. This eliminates any ambiguity for the owner As the project advances construction cost estimates can be monitored, reviewed, and reconciled. Since you are dealing with a single company you need not take the stress of tracking invoices of different companies.

Streamlined Design Process

A turnkey solution can significantly speed up the realization of your ideas. You need not spend time meeting several parties and subcontractors to gather information. In the case of a turnkey project, you settle down with a single point of contact to help you commit your plans to a design. As the design and planning are handled by an individual company the problem of contacting different companies is eliminated. As a result, the project schedule is reduced, speeding up the process and quickening the delivery of an overall establishment.

Higher Quality

Since the work is not divided among various entities it guarantees that the final product will be of a higher quality. As the chosen company works on your project, there will be uniformity in every phase of development. Also, lab construction is a complex operation, and having a single entity will reduce administrative errors and bureaucratic barriers shouldered by lab owners while working with various companies. This will eliminate the mixed-level quality performance through various companies, and delay and setbacks are easily avoided.

Cost Reduction

Working with an experienced turnkey manufacturer will reduce the overall cost through a shortened project schedule. An experienced team will deliver a high-end product by evaluating the designs, materials, and methods at an early stage, followed by constantly reviewing engineering and constructability issues as the project progresses. Also, turnkey manufacturers will provide you with discounts on their products and services to keep the costs down.

Minimize Legal Repercussions

There is a guarantee of the standard to the turnkey owner as the outside company is not an agent but an experienced and reputed manufacturer. The quality of the product, the standards, and the mandates practiced while the process is underway all this is the responsibility of the designated manufacturer. Working with such an entity will promote friendship that in turn results in fewer amendments and legal disputes 

Turnkey consultants for laboratories will provide fully managed,risk-mitigated lab construction projects at the scheduled time. Those consultants will identify your needs and work out the best planning and discount options custom-made to meet your business dynamics, project scope, and duration.