Turnkey Services

What are Turnkey Services?

Turnkey means something that is ready for immediate use, usually used in the sale or supply of goods or services. Turnkey services and production is a wise decision for equipment purchase projects.

Turnkey manufacturing is a process where one company oversees all aspects of a project’s production from beginning to end. They handle all project phases: starting with the initial design phase, and progressing to machining/tooling, then to quality assurance, and finally to the manufacturing, packing, and shipping stage of production. Major benefits for the company are as follows:

Complete handling from start to end

The whole project is managed internally, from planning and design to clean room design and installation. Turnkey cleanroom solutions are run by one team. Innovative Pharmatech Pvt. Ltd specializes in providing reliable cleaning equipment and modular laboratory equipment. Innovative Pharmatech Pvt. Ltd has established itself as a leading manufacturer of modular laboratory furniture and has recently been upgraded with clean room equipment. and develop old turnkey cleanroom solutions.

Quality service with modern equipment

Innovative Pharmatech has a manufacturing facility with modern equipment to supply products with the required rules. The project team comprises of design engineers, architects, site managers and builders support the company in its marketing. The pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical companies that specialize in in-house engineering and project management facilities more than a decade ago, meanwhile the importance of maintaining API features is even more important than ever.


Although modular design with pre-made panels can reduce the lead time of your project, when your laundry room becomes “traditional”, there is often more time and money to go into it. Turnkey solutions are a great way to get a special cleaning room – and save your company money and time.

Customized designing

Innovative Pharmatech Pvt. Ltd. established in Design, Manufacturing and Laboratory Equipment Customized and Clean Chambers and provided to clients in a variety of fields including Pharmacy and Industry, Chemicals, Metals, and much more.

We support all turnkey projects for pharmaceuticals by providing guidance, identifying the benefits of strategic investment, and improving productivity and business processes. Our start-up (turnkey) solutions reduce risk, especially if you are looking to enter a new area or technology to grow your product portfolio. Order the special cleaning room you need, and a complete solution is delivered and ready for use Creating a new cleaning room is an individual process, as it should suit the needs of each facility and the clean room division. And this customization process takes time.

End-to-end solutions

The complete end-to-end solution covers everything, from handling and transporting raw materials, to dumping, to controlled and supervised milling, and weight – or transport to a process downstream for further grinding or powder handling.

Think about solutions to client problems, be aware of market needs, respond professionally and quickly, and help customers from concept to end. Find turnkey solutions from a laboratory furniture manufacturer in India such as Innovative Pharmatech. The turnkey project coordinator assists pharmaceutical companies, from the planning phase to the beginning of the production unit. Advisors help pharmaceutical manufacturers become more successful in all their production so that they can become more competitive and gain more market success.

Important benefits for businesses.

  • Tracking your project progress with one company is easier and faster than linking and managing multiple vendors/partners.
  • A turnkey manufacturer eliminates the hassle of communicating with multiple companies.
  • If you have a change in mind for your project i.e. for example adding a feature or suggesting any additional changes, it is also possible and easy to get it used immediately by a turnkey manufacturer.
  • If one company owns and handles all product development towards producing a life cycle from concept to end, it is easy to expect a high-quality product.
  • Turnkey manufacturers remove the invoice confusion, as all invoices come from the same company.
  • Working with one partner directs the process and you can reduce costs and negotiate to get better discounts as well.
  • It is easier for a turnkey manufacturer to offer discounts on their services and reduce the total cost of your project than to get discounts from many different companies.