Anti Vibration Table for labWhat is an Anti Vibration Table?

Anti Vibration Table is a crucial part of laboratory settings. It minimizes disruptive vibrations that could cause errors and damage expensive equipment in a laboratory. A jarring vibration in a lab setting could pose a risk to sensitive processes. The equipment anti-vibration table is designed for use in a laboratory or metrology room to provide suitable working conditions for devices that are sensitive to vibrations and shocks.

An anti vibration table is one of the best tools for weighing chemicals and balancing any type of high-precision equipment in the lab. They are manufactured using shock-absorbing materials. Hence they reduce the possibility of expensive chemical ingredients breaking and also offer unrivaled safety and top-notch work.

How Does an Anti Vibration Table Work?

Anti-vibration tables are simple and effective devices that work by using a shock-absorbing material to absorb any kind of vibration in a lab. The shock-absorbant material prevents

the transfer of motion between your weighing surface and the tabletop or floor on which the table stands.

Typically made from heavy stone, these tables have a high-weighing surface that is separated from the tabletop by rubber mounts. The mount acts to absorb vibrations from movement.

Why Do We Need an Anti Vibration Table?

Balances are very sensitive. So we need to use them in an environment with as few

distractions as possible. A metrology room may not be available due to a lack of space

A draught shield can cut air current disturbances. Finally, an anti vibration table is the best solution to null out movement or shock.

Anti-vibration tables lessen the movement and vibrations caused by footsteps, passing vehicles, neighboring construction, and drafts. It may be difficult to estimate low-frequency vibrations brought on by buildings or traffic, thus it’s important to locate your lab as far from the road as you can.

Anti Vibration table is not just for laboratory scales, they can be used as a stand for the calibration Of other equipment also. This involves a collaboration of mass in weighing and pipette calibration. Movement can cause samples being looked at through a microscope to shift due to vibration and this table can help to prevent that. Equipment like laser and optical systems can see fluctuations in results. This table can be used anywhere the Vibrations can affect the accuracy of the project at hand.

Benefits of Anti Vibration Table

  • A routine lab task like weighing at inconvenient places often puts strain on the user resulting in a decreased attention and imprecise operation. Vibrations can have a negative impact on weighing results. Therefore anti-vibration tables are necessary to ensure ergonomy and smooth functioning in a lab.
  • Highly flexible tables contain features like arm support, keyboard drawer, and monitor system to ensure the convenience of use and are long-lasting
  • The innovative approach of anti-vibration tables enables precise balance operation and faster stabilization..This accelerates the working process and increases quality results.

Anti-Vibration tables are a crucial part of lab furniture. So eliminate vibrations during weighing with a clever weighing table. Get a quick quote. Wide range of accessories for Balances and scale.