Storage Cabinet

Technical Specification

  • For storing devices and chemicals in accordance with DIN EN 14727
  • For working heights of 750 mm & 900 mm
  • Not suitable to store the flammable liquids, gas cylinders and self-igniting or self-decomposing substances.
  • Not suitable for storing acids and alkalis.

Available Options

  • Under bench unit on castors
  • Suspended under bench unit
  • Self-supporting under bench unit for fume cupboards
  • Under bench unit for sinks

Large No. of available variants for fast access and safe storage in the laboratory :

For maximum flexibility in the laboratory, we offer a large variety of storage cabinets / under-bench units. Pushed in under bench units (Either Movable or on Plinth) ought to easily fit under C-frame, Pedestal-frame, and Base frames designs, with their own supporting structure.

Specialized Accessories:

The Aluminum flush type handles without joints are resistant to chemicals and easy to clean. Our suspended cabinets are fastened to the service spine or wall without a visible gap.

Hinges, Lock & Slider:

We do provide the”Hattich / Hafele” German make Hinges, Lock & Sliders, to get the long life service.

Surfaces are well protected:

We do provide the Epoxy duly powder coated sheet with minimum coating layer of 80 Microns.

Material of Construction

  • Module Panel: Min. 20 SWG Sheet.
  • Module Drawer & Shutter Panel: Min. 22 SWG Sheet.
  • Adjustable Shelves: Min 20 SWG Sheet.