SS MOP Trolley

We are recognized as among the top exporters and makers of SS Mop Trolley. We have huge range of 18 Guage stainless steel mop trolleys of attractive designs and different sizes, according to customers’ demands. We have designed mop trolleys with buffed and mirror/matt shined finish. They are best option for floor cleaning and they are rust free. They come with the capacity to hold 3 buckets of 20 liters. We have mop trolleys with reversible handle.

Hence, they are easy to drive. Furthermore, we have added wide wheels on our mop trolleys with a winger for thread protection, buckets and bumpers. They come in carton or as per the needs of end users. They come with locking wheel of custom size. You will get all the modern and advanced features on mop trolleys. In standard trolleys, they provide super compact, full cleaning system that can maneuver with ease. We have extensive range of mop trolleys in factories, hospitals and pharmacies.