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Innovative Pharmatech Pvt. Ltd., not only builds “the professional’s bench“, our planning and design team can develop a comprehensive furniture system for your entire work environment…

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The planning and design team at Innovative Inc. will put their decades of experience to work and address your individual needs. Whether you need to outfit a complete laboratory from scratch or upgrade an existing facility, our vast knowledge and understanding will put every workbench and storage cabinet in its most efficient location. We can also work with your architect if you are in the beginning phase of a project to optimize every inch of the work area.

With an unmatched choice of surfaces, paint colors and hundreds of drawer and door combinations available, your personal preferences and needs can be met by the Innovative Inc. planning and design team.

An engineer from our planning and design team can assist you in laying out a specific bench or floor plan. You will get the same personalized service whether you’re putting together one work bench or an entire laboratory.

Imagine a work area where everything has its place… it’s now possible and Innovative Pharmatech. can make it happen. All this at no added cost to you. Call us today at +91 98258 68475 and we can get started on a layout for your next project.

Sample Layouts

Innovative Pharmatech Pvt. Ltd., engineers can help you design the optimum layout for your specific needs whether it’s a simple corner test bench or a sophisticated layout for an entire laboratory, shop or anything in-between.