Clean Room Furniture

Types of Clean Room Furniture

The Premium thing in clean room is a space and at the time of purchasing and positioning cleanroom furniture, we often need to be planned out meticulously to protect the working environment and ensure accurate project outcomes. The last thing you want is for you is a clean room furniture manufacturer in Gujarat to interrupt workflows or risk the introduction of contaminants into your environment and we should also consider the important factor is comfort.

Types of Cleanroom Furniture Choosing at the Right Time:

Choosing the right laboratory and classroom furnishing for a better facility of one ensures your environment is kept sterile at all times while also providing practical surfaces and comfortable seating for lab technicians.

Cleanroom Chairs:

It must meet a range of many criteria before it can be entered into clean room furniture. Only those chairs that have been tested and proven to prevent electrostatic charges and cause minimal particle emission should be considered in a clean and germ-free environment or when we have to avoid static charging.

Cleanroom Table:

When choosing the furniture for the cleanroom stainless steel is an obvious choice.  Keep an electrically conductive, stainless steel tables designed for many number of applications and germ-free environments.  Plastic, melamine chipboard, and chrome-plated tables are available and they should be chosen which is based on the materials which they come in contact with.

Gowning Benches & Racks:

It is in another area where you need to provide sterile and suitable furniture and this area for the purpose which gives practical and comfortable space for technicians to change their equipment. These benches are made from stainless steel and may offer optional compartments for masks, caps, and shoes.

General Cleanroom Furniture Considerations:

Before choosing laboratory and classroom furnishing one should take the time to take some look into considerations with your co-workers. And get the best services from Modular lab furniture manufacturers in India.


Any equipment or furniture which is introduced to the cleanroom laboratory should be made of non-shedding, nonporous material that is easy to clean.


An important consideration when selecting laboratory and cleanroom furniture is how easy it is to keep clean and hygienic. Harsh disinfectants can cause damage to some materials when selecting laboratory and cleanroom furniture is how easy it is to keep clean and hygienic. Harsh disinfectants can cause damage to some materials which are made from aluminum or stainless steel or furniture with powder-coated finishes.


An important thing is the lifespan of your equipment which will help you to make sensible buying decisions and plan for replacements in the future.


Investing in the right type of cleanroom furniture will ensure your laboratory environments which stay that way and help to reduce the risk of contaminants jeopardizing your projects. We can see that we have modular types of furniture manufactured in both Gujarat and in India.