We are one of the largest manufacturers of clean room equipment, and we have a large selection of clean room equipment.  We use cutting-edge technology to provide superior-quality products and put them through various testing processes to meet our client’s expectations.

We have been in this domain for several years providing consistent service to our privileged clients. So our products are highly operative with a guarantee. We are available at any hour of the day to provide you with optimum-level services. Innovative Pharmatech manufactures extensive types of clean room equipment including Air Showers, Pass boxes, Laminar Flow Clean Benches (Horizontal and Vertical), Positive Pressure Modules, etc.


Innovative Pharmatech manufactures static and dynamic Pass Boxes, uncompromisingly designed to suit your specific requirements.
Requirements vary from industry to industry. For example, in pharma manufacturing facilities, there must be minimum man & material movement and there is zero room for contamination between the different classified areas. To achieve the desired classification and to maintain the integrity of products and processes, we design the Pass Box to allow material transfer with little personnel movement. It also aids in controlling the ingress of particulate contaminants into the clean room.

Our Pass Boxes follow global and of the highest design standards, giving you the option of the type of pass box depending on the containment level and transfer of material from one clean room to the other. We also supply them for flame-proof areas.

Static Pass Box

  • Double Walled Construction
  • Electro-magnetic Interlocking system
  • Mechanical interlocking
  • Two way / Three way / 90 Degree type
  • Automation as Required

Dynamic Pass Box

  • Two Stage filtration
  • Statically & Dynamically balanced Motor-blower
  • Electro-magnetic Interlocking
  • Two way / Three way / 90 Degree type
  • Automation as Required


A LAF Unit offers proven protection for samples and processes. The work area is continuously supplied with positive pressure. It takes fine technique and understanding to design such units and we at INNOVATIVE have mastered the making of such equipment.
Unidirectional Air Flow Units are designed for offering the highest product protection by providing ISO Class 5 particle free work area for handling critical processes. LAF offers proven protection for the samples and processes.
The laminarity of the flow prevents cross contamination between the items handled in the working space.

  • Horizontal Laminar Air Flow Unit
  • Vertical Laminar Air Flow Unit
  • Bench type / Ceiling Suspended
  • Automation as Required


Cleanroom trolley is useful for transporting sterile products under ISO Class 5 (Class 100) particle free work area, which is continuously supplied with positive pressure HEPA filtered circulated horizontal air flow.

  • Two stage filtration- EU6 and EU 14
  • Statically & dynamically balanced Motor-blower
  • Battery back-up with inverter for 30/60 mins
  • PU coated Lockable castor wheels
  • SS 304 removable Shelves
  • Differential Pressure Gauge
  • Automation as Required


An Air Shower is designed to supply Class 100 HEPA filtered air at high velocity to remove particulate matter from the person entering the cleanroom. You may have noticed this in non-Cleanrooms as well but their importance is much more in a cleanroom.
Air Shower is a self-contained air chamber installed at the entrance to cleanrooms in order to minimize the amount of particulate contaminants entering the cleanroom. Personnel move through the air shower while particulate contaminants are washed off with high velocity HEPA-filtered air jets. The significance of this is that the high air velocity, of about 6000 FPM, ensures efficient scrubbing necessary to remove the particulate matter.
Contaminated air is then taken in through the base unit, filtered, and re-circulated into the chamber.

  • Two stage filtration- EU6 and EU 14
  • SS 304 doors with double walled flush glass view panels & door closer
  • Air cleanliness – ISO Class 5 (ISO 14644-1:1999 (E)
  • Air Velocities- 6000 fpm
  • Vibration Level – Minimum
  • Noise Level – Less than 70 dB
  • Automation as Required


Dispensing & Sampling Booths provide protection from airborne contaminants generated during powder handling operations such as sampling, charging and dispensing.
Note that a Reverse Laminar Air Flow Unit provides:

  • Horizontal Laminar Air Flow Unit
  • Vertical Laminar Air Flow Unit
  • Bench type / Ceiling Suspended
  • Automation as Required


Class II cabinets are designed for work or activities involving microorganisms assigned to bio safety levels 1, 2 and 3.
Bio-safety gives Clean room personnel the required environmental and product protection. Air flow is drawn around the operator into the front grille of the cabinet. Additionally, the downward laminar flow of HEPA-filtered air provides product protection by minimizing the chance of cross-contamination along the work surface of the cabinet.
The fact that Class II cabinets provide the microbe-free work environment necessary for cell culture propagation, they may be used for the formulation of non-volatile antineoplastic or hemotherapeutic drugs. Bio safety cabinets are available in powder-coated Galvanized Steel, SS 304 / SS 316 or a combination of both.

  • Two stage filtration: EU 6 and EU 14
  • Double-walled flushed Glass Side Panels
  • Sealed Fluorescent Lights with Milky White Diffuser
  • Clean Down Timer with Operation HOLD indicator
  • 1-piece fully openable sliding toughened glass front door with counterweight arrangement
  • Alarm triggers in case front door is raised more than 8 inches / 200 mm
  • Automation as Required