Chemical Storage Cabinet

The storage cabinet is ideal to store Toxic laboratory solvents & chemicals inside the laboratories, P. P. trays are provided for long life of shelves, ,Doors  are provided with 5mm toughened/ Safety  glass , In some of the critical chemical application, Exhaust port on top along with blower  is been provided  & their size can be altered as per Requirement.


  • For storing devices and chemicals in accordance with DIN EN 14727
  • Not suitable to store the flammable liquids, gas cylinders and self-igniting or self-decomposing substances.
  • Not permitted for storing acids and alkalis



The Aluminum flush type handles without joints are resistant to chemicals and easy to clean. Our suspended cabinets are fastened to the service spine or wall without a visible gap.

Hinges, Lock:

We do provide”Hattich / Hafele” German make Hinges, Lock & Sliders, to get the long life service.

Surfaces are well protected:

We do provide the Epoxy duly powder coated sheet with minimum coating layer of 80 Microns.


  • Storage Panel: Min. 20 SWG Sheet.
  • Storage Door/ Shutter Panel: Min. 22 SWG Sheet.
  • Adjustable Shelves: Min 20 SWG Sheet.
  • Inner lining Sheet (For, Chemical Storage): Phenolic Resin Laminated Construction.
  • Adjustable Shelves (For, Chemical Storage, Chemical Storage Unit): Poly Propylene