3 Techniques for Organizing with Lab Bench ShelvesThe lab bench is a crucial component of the lab that provides space and surface to carry out research and investigations, store equipment safely, and operates a workstation for researchers and students. So it enriches productivity. A laboratory will become dysfunctional and messed up without a lab bench.

Lab benches also referred to as working benches is a versatile furniture that facilitates the working personnel to function in a plethora of ways. 

In different words simple to complex activities can be efficiently carried out on working benches. Lab benches are available in extensive ranges, but custom-made lab benches are delivered on demand to meet the specifications of the user.

Three techniques for increasing organization using lab bench shelves and storage are provided below.

Expand Your Workspace by Adding Shelves

Workspace must appear sterile and tidy. It must be clutter-free. A lab makes use of items like microscopes, test equipment, centrifuges, hot plates and flasks, and tube mixers. By adding shelves to the bench you can store this equipment in an organized manner rather than keeping it exposed on the bench.

Customized shelves range in size, material, and load-bearing capability to meet user specifications. Four types of shelving for lab benches are given here

Laminate shelving

Laminate shelving is made from durable, moisture-resistant, and eco-friendly material eg.  phenolic shelving panel. They come in a range of colors(white, gray, red, charcoal, and many others)and thicknesses, which will boost your productivity. With different designs, it can hold anything from simple to heavy-duty items.

Steel shelving

Steel provides stability and durability over other materials. They are corrosion-resistant, so they are water-proof and do not rust. They are also used in labs that are regularly exposed to various chemicals. They can endure heavy-duty items. They may also have a front lip to keep items on the shelf.

Wire lab bench shelf 

These shelves are cost-effective and come in distinct shapes and sizes and are used for different applications. Shelves can be lifted or lowered, more units can be added or removed as per the user’s needs. So it provides high storage options. Easy to maintain and versatile with long-term benefits.

Split shelf frame

This lab bench shelf provides shelving with the advantage of additional mounting on various storage solutions and tools. Double-sided frames allow mounting on both sides.

Maximize Storage with Drawers 

 A well-designed set of drawers are the perfect solution for the storage of all valuable equipment.  It’s practically not good to keep your items exposed on the workbench. So manufacturers provide drawers to maintain all your valuable equipment safely.

While choosing drawers consider the following:


How often do the lab personnel use the drawer? Choose a design with liners that will assist in smooth opening and closing, and also be convenient for seated or standing positions.


Lab bench drawers must be durable, hold the required weight, and with smooth sliding. Customized lab drawers will consider factors like available floor space and the needs of the user.


Drawers maintain all valuable items in workstations. So the locking mechanism will safeguard them in your absence. Also with a locking system, only an authorized person can have access to all crucial samples.


You can design your workspace with a combination of different sizes with trays and shelves to optimize organization.

Handle options

The handle is an important feature of the lab bench. Handles make it comfortable to open and close drawers repeatedly from your position.

Customizing With Details

For different lab settings, you need specific lab benches. A lab manufacturer with high expertise will customize your workstation to enhance space, safety,  comfort, and productivity. Additionally, they will provide services with an extensive range like

  • Shelving systems
  • Utility drawers
  • Corrosion-resistant lab surface
  • Casters
  • Power supply option

Contact the lab bench manufacturer to help you identify your need and provide you with shelving and storage options for your lab projects.